Krakulv Base was a Terran Dominion early warning base set on the moon Krakulv in order to monitor zerg activity. It was defended by heavy neosteel walls and heavy anti-aircraft guns, as well as contingents of marines and banshees. Underneath the base was a nuclear failsafe near the moon's core, that would destroy the moon if detonated. Major Lee Treicher was in command of the base, alongside her husband Captain Brachyan Treicher.

In 2504, the base attacked by the swarm using their new roaches. Lee held out for evacuation by the destroyer Victory, but the line was crumbling. Brach attempted to stall the zerg using banshee strafing runs, but the roaches burrowed underground and regenerated. The roaches then burrowed under the wall attacking the marines in the base. Lee turned the anti-aircraft guns in on the roaches to stall them, but they began melting the main gate.

The Dominion defenders were able to evacuate the base, but Lee and Brach were the last to evacuate, with Brach's leg getting damaged by roach saliva. They escaped, but not before Brach had linked the nuclear failsafe's to the facility's thermal sensors. Using sap from the world of Garxxax that combusted when near zantar slug (the predecessor to the roach) saliva, Lee and Brach were able to get the roaches to melt one of the doors and activate the nukes once the ship was safely out of orbit. The resulting blast destroyed the moon, the base, and all zerg attacking it.[1]


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