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Kukulkan Brood

Queen of Blades' personal assault force



De Facto Leader

Queen of Blades


Zerg SC2 Icon Zerg Swarm

Special Units


Date Established

June/July 2500

Date Dissolved

July 2500 (during the Battle of Bhekar Ro)



  The Kukulkan Brood was created on Char by Kerrigan after the death of the Overmind and was destroyed during the Battle of Bhekar Ro.


The Kukulkan Brood was formed as an assault Brood for the Swarm. Initially it remained on Char to protect the Hive Cluster.

Main Article: Battle of Bhekar Ro

The Brood was dispatched to secure the xel'naga artifact on Bhekar Ro. The zerg successfully made planetfall and began infesting the area around the artifact and the local terran colony of Free Haven. An assault on the colony was thwarted by the intervention of Alpha Squadron. By that time the Brood's attention was focused on removing the protoss presence from the artifact. Ultimately the Brood was unable to secure the artifact. Following a terran nuclear strike the energy creature that emerged absorbed all of the protoss and zerg on and near the planet. The Brood was effectively destroyed.

Special StrainsEdit

In the process of infesting the planet, the Brood absorbed a dog named Old Blue. From Old Blue was bred the "Roverlisk". However, this strain was destroyed along with the entire Brood.


Kukulkan was a feathered serpent god in Mayan mythology.

Notably, the brood was the most short-lived one to be in service of the Swarm given that it did not even last one year.


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