Kyrie Snabb was the wife of Erik Snabb. She moved to Braxis with him to get away from the frontlines of the war, but was thrown into danger when the zerg invaded during the Second Great War.


Kyrie met Erik Snabb during his service to the Terran Dominion, and the two fell very much in love. The strain of his service weighed heavily on her, and she would cry every time Erik went out to battle. After discovering she was pregnant, Erik resigned from his post as a wraith pilot, and married her. As a wedding gift, he took her and their newborn daughter, Sif Snabb, to live on Braxis, away from the frontline of the war.

Kyrie helped Erik fight the temptation to rejoin the Dominion Armed Forces, stating that he needed to put his family first. Erik worked as a transportation pilot on the planet and was regularly close to home. The family was at a relative peace.

When the zerg attacked Braxis, Erik volunteered to help when the Dominion garrison requested pilots. Kyrie was worried, but understood. Her and Sif were sent to be evacuated while Erik distracted the zerg. She was to be on the second or third round of evacuation transports.[1]


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