Larry Fonseca was an elderly member of the Tarsonis Police Force, Southwest District division ("the Gutter"). His skin was wrinkled and his eyes were hidden by folds of aged flesh.

Fonseca was constantly punished by being assigned to desk jobs because he was immune to corruption and graft – shortly before Wrangler Malcolm Kelerchian got in touch with him, he was punished because he refused to act as a bodyguard for a drug shipment, an assignment handed down to him by a police captain.

Ilsa Killiany wanted to recruit him for the Ghost Program as an investigator, but he never suffered Kelerchian's bad luck and was able to avoid the program.

After six months of investigation, Fonseca told Kelerchian about Fagin and his "Blonde". Kelerchian was upset that he had not been told about this before, but Fonseca said this was Kelerchian's fault for forgetting basic principles of detective work. Armed with this knowledge, Kelerchian was able to hunt down Nova.

Later that day, the zerg invaded Tarsonis. Kelerchian believed Fonseca had died during the invasion.


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