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"Nice to see a familiar face, at least on someone who isn't stoned out of his mind."

Leeza was a mercenary, formerly in service to crime lord Ethan Stewart on the world of Dead Man's Rock. She was tall, had a shaved head apart from a ponytail reaching down to her waist and her arms were covered in tattoos of questionable imagery.


Leeza worked for Stewart alongside Rosemary Dahl, going through "a hell of a lot" over the six years that they knew each other. Dahl eventually struck off on her own, the reunion occurring two years later. A few months before this however, Leeza had broken away from Stewart, serving another party. Therefore, Leeza's mind was on other matters, namely Dahl's psychic companion Jake Ramsey and how to apprehend him. Due to Ramsey's telepathy however, Leeza's motives were revealed, Ramsey subtly passing them on to Dahl. Dahl's reaction was somewhat less subtle, namely shooting Leeza in the face with a Torrent SR-8 Shotgun.[1]


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