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"He looked like a stubborn mule that one."
"Indeed. But he isn't stupid."

- Chuck Horner and Arcturus Mengsk discussing Baden.(src)

Lemuel Baden





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Lemuel Baden was a miner from Tarsonis. He had a weathered, permanently dirty look common to many prospectors along with a short figure and leathery skin due to exposure to the elements.

He claimed a deep-core mining operation in Turanga Canyon, Sonyan, and became an affiliate of the Kel-Morian Combine.

The Terran Confederacy, claiming he was illegally occupying Confederate territory, sent a force to throw him out and take the mine. However, his side was equipped with goliaths, missile turrets and "lots of guns"; they drove the Confederates away.

The Confederacy sent another force, the 33rd Ground Assault Division to take the mining complex. The team was led by Captain Angelina Emillian but she was injured at the start of action; command fell to nineteen-year-old Lieutenant Arcturus Mengsk. Many of the marines were injured, but Mengsk still had a siege tank.

His forces outmaneuvered and defeated the Kel-Morian soldiers without using the tank. Mengsk then approached the mine and spoke directly to Baden, who pointed out that he was there legally and had papers proving it, and said the Confederates shouldn't "keep doing this". However Mengsk threatened to destroy the mine unless Baden surrendered. Baden couldn't read him, but believed what Mengsk had said, and surrendered.

Baden was debriefed by Captain Graves and the papers proving the legality of the mine disappeared. He was subsequently shipped off-world.[1]


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