Leslie Crane (or Les) was an archaeologist working for Jake Ramsey alongside thirty other archaeologists and "one originally perky and now sullen intern."


At some point on the Gelgaris dig her mother died of a massive stroke. Unfortunately she could not pay her respects or be with her father as the next ship was eight months away.

Nemaka ExpeditionEdit

Crane took part in Ramsey's expedition, sponsored by Valerian Mengsk, to the airless world of Nemaka. They were there to excavate a strange artifact. Crane was a more sensitive individual than many of her teammates, visibly spooked by the temple on Nemaka and even having nightmares because of it.

After being taken prisoner on Nemaka alongside Ramsey, they were placed in cells aboard the Gray Tiger and ultimately killed when a crazed marine disabled the ship's life support systems.[1]


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