The Letters of Tenarsis were written three years before the destruction of Chau Sara by the protoss writer Tenarsis. The following is an excerpt;


My Brethren,

Since the time of Khas, the visions have remained the same.

A dark land of ancient plateaus and oceans of night... Night becomes day, and our ancient fathers aid us... We erase that which blights our face, but not that which lies within... The land that rests in twilight will be the place of our greatest triumph and also our greatest shame.

Much to my dismay, many ages have passed since the prophecies of the "Place of Visions" have been paid heed. These visions resonate a truth beyond any simplistic comprehension, and I fear that they may foretell grave problems that lie just ahead. As keepers of the Khala, it is our duty to gather our most learned scholars to seek an understanding of these warnings as they may be the key to solving this crisis as yet unseen.


It appears that these visions depict Shakuras, and the "ancient fathers" may be a reference to the xel'naga. The "greatest triumph" may be the activation of the xel'naga temple of Shakuras, the shame perhaps being the Khalai/Dark Templar strife which followed beforehand.


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