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Level 800 Elite Tauren Chieftain
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Rock band





  Level 800 Elite Tauren Chieftain is a terran band based in the Koprulu Sector. During the Second Great War, they released their latest album, Terran Up the Night.[1]



There appears to be a degree of overlap between L800ETC and the tauren marine L80ETC, both icons effectively being Easter eggs and both being tauren marines. However, it seems that an in-universe difference does exist, as in the in-universe blurb for Revolution Overdrive: Songs of Liberty, a specific reference is made to L80ETC, not L800ETC.[2]

In a real-world sense, the band can be considered to be an in-universe representation of Level 90 Elite Tauren Chieftain, a Blizzard-themed rock band. They themselves wrote many of the tracks that the band is said to have composed in-universe.


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