Lia Emmanuel was a terran who lived on Tarsonis. She possessed curly brown hair and "piercing" brown eyes.


Emmanuel was employeed by Constantino Terra as the "vice president of the vice presidents" of those who oversaw his various industries, effectively acting as his right hand in all matters related to his various businesses. This was reflected in her attire, Emmanuel possessing twelve identical business suits that were laundered when time permitted or when twelve days had elapsed-whichever came first. Mr. Terra suspected that she didn't own any other clothing.

In late 2499 and early 2500, circumstance was not favourable to Terra's various industries, an economic downturn having occurred due to fear of rebel and/or alien attacks, the former presenting itself magnificantly with a Sons of Korhal attack destroying Terra's 428 hoverbike plant in Palombo Valley. Emmanuel saw Terra personally on the matter, despite having to interupt the birthday party of his daughter November Terra.

This was one of the last, if not the last times the two conversed, the bulk of the Terra Family being wiped out in a terrorist attack a few days later. The only family survivor, Clara Terra, inherited the family's finances, but the nature of Emmanuel's business role in this period (if any) is unknown.


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