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Raid on Moria


Betrayal on Korhal

Liberation of Korhal
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Brood War


The Queen of Blades




Korhal IV


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The Liberation of Korhal was a successful attempt by a joint Kerrigan's zerg/Fenix' protoss/Raynor's Raiders/Mengsk's Dominion force to destroy the power base of the UED in the Koprulu Sector: the former Dominion throne world of Korhal IV.

Mengsk's fleet had been recovered with Sarah Kerrigan's help.[1]


After acquiring enough resources from the raid on Moria, Kerrigan moved on to the main UED stronghold on Korhal, taking any infested command centers with her.

Once they reached Korhal, Mengsk impatiently plotted the attack on Augustgrad, capital city of Korhal. Kerrigan was to take on the center of the city, while her allies assaulted the city's outskirts.

Shortly after establishing herself just outside Augustgrad, the UED sent their Slave Broods to attack Kerrigan. Kerrigan defeated them easily, but noted that the Directorate had only sent a small zerg force. She believed that the UED was having trouble controlling the new Overmind.

Despite the zerg and UED defenders, Kerrigan and her allies retook Korhal, dealing a heavy defeat to the UED. Kerrigan told Mengsk that he was free to take possession of the planet with her "blessings," to which Mengsk replied she shouldn't be snide as this was part of their deal. Kerrigan told him she hoped he "made the most of his reign".[2]


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