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This article or section contains information about StarCraft: Ghost, which has been declared non-canon. Elements may be taken as 'flavor lore' however.
The content may be significantly out of date. Please do not add speculation to this article, and remember to cite a published source for details.

LightInfantry SC-G Art1

Light infantry

Light infantry are lightly armed and armored terran troops specialized in defending installations.


The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft (comic) which is no longer valid.

Light infantry wear CMC Light Combat Armor.[1]

Game UnitEdit

StarCraft: GhostEdit

LightInfantry SC-G Game1

Light infantry in StarCraft: Ghost

Light infantry were to be introduced in StarCraft: Ghost. They wore light armor, which offered less protection than CMC Powered Combat Suits.[2]

They were the basic terran unit in the Invasion Mode. They could upgrade into more powerful units such as the marine (two points), firebat (three points) or ghost (five points).[3]


Light infantry armament could range from the Torrent SR-8 shotgun[4][2] for close-quarters to submachine guns[4] and/or gauss rifles.[2] They may be issued with additional munitions depending on mission, for example, BE3 sticky grenades for Mobile Conflict missions.[4]

They could build automated chain guns. These automated weapons were short-ranged and were more powerful than the shotguns they normally carry.[4] They could be attached to vehicles as well.[5]

They also had the ability to build and service armored flak gun turrets, which could be placed either in an installation or on a battlefield; the flak guns were long-ranged weapons.[4]

GunTurret SC-G Cncpt1

An infantryman manning a gun turret

Light infantry could only put one turret on the map, at least in Invasion Mode.[6]

Light infantry could build stationary[7] decloaking devices.[2][4]

Known Light InfantryEdit

The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II that is ambiguously canonical.


Light infantry may have been seen manning vulture hover bikes in the battle at Artika.[8]


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