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Screaming Skulls

The Linda Lou was a two-seated freighter stolen by the Screaming Skulls. It an ancient freighter, and a very junky vessel.

It was given to Jim Raynor and Tychus Findlay by the Screaming Skulls when they were given an operation to steal junker logs from Refurbish and Recovery Station 5034. The two disguised themselves as junk dealers and was able to infiltrate the station. In reality, the operation was a trap set by Ezekiel Daun, who attacked the duo. Raynor and Tychus escaped the facility with the Linda Lou, and set a course for Dead Man's Rock, stating they would have to scrap the vessel in order to escape pursuit. Raynor and Findlay sold the vessel to a group at Dead Man's Rock at a price that "wouldn't buy a shot of whisky on a backwater planet." The men later returned, stating that the ship was a pile of scrap, and attempted to start a fight with the duo.


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