"Storm brings forces you don' understand. This loa be mighty and she be dark."

- Vision of Grandma Tosh(src)

The loa were the spiritual deities in Hajian voodoo that were said to inhabit a plane known as the spirit world. According to the religion, they took the form of natural phenomena such as storms, and could appear in visions as familiar figures to the person they are attempting to reach. There were to be multiple loa, each varying in power, purpose, and agenda. Grandma Tosh attributed Gabriel Tosh's psionic powers and visions to them.

By 2503, Tosh considered Hajian voodoo to be a dead religion, and with it the worship of loa in the Koprulu Sector.


The Loa are spirits from the real world religions of Haitian Vodou and Louisiana Voodoo.


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