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Lord of War is an Arcade map that has been spotlighted by Blizzard Entertainment.


The map is set on a world of rivaling political factions. The player arrives as an alien arms smuggler seeking to make some cash. To do so the player must supplement the warring forces with units created at the player base, in return the player will receive money in the form of crystals which can be used to produce more superior expensive units. Then these units can be transported to the warring factions for even more profit. However the player must be cautious, as when one side's base is destroyed the game is over and the player cannot make any more money. Furthermore, while trying to balance the two enemy forces the player must take note to defend the units in transit from waves of zerg. This is most important as the factions will pay less for damaged goods based on the remaining health of units delivered.[1]


Development roles were broken up among the group at the beginning of the design phase. The designers had Gameplay/ Innovation which focused on the core gameplay and balancing the units. The Map and Level Flow role mainly pertains to level layout, item placement and interaction choices including camera, audio and map aesthetics. One of the teams had the role of Play Testing and Training which revolved around controlling the pace and action of the level and continually testing changes to make sure the game was balanced, clear, and fun. Finally the had Narrative and Goals which set formal objective elements and level components but also developed the back story for the map including rivaling political ideologies to match the age old Blue vs. Red color rivalry. Development lasted 5-6 weeks, from inception to completion.[1]


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