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Lost Temple
Lost Temple SC1 Art1
Map details
4 players
Size 128x128

The Lost Temple is an ancient ruin located on Bel'Shir.[1] At some point it was found by a group of factions. They came into conflict in the area.[2]

Game MapEdit

The temple serves as a multiplayer map for StarCraft and StarCraft 64. It supports up to four players.

StarCraft IIEdit

"This map is basically the best map on the face of the planet."

- Promotional statement(src)

Lost Temple
LostTemple SC2 Map1
Map details
4 players
Jungle (Bel'Shir)[3]
Size 160x160[3]

Lost Temple returned in StarCraft II[4] but was removed from the ladder pool as of February 2011.[5] The FFA version was replaced by The Shattered Temple.[6] As of May, 2011, it held fifth place in the top ten most popular 1v1 maps in the game.[7]

Lost Temple features four starting points on raised land, each connected by a very narrow choke point to a natural expansion, guarded by a wider choke. The natural is vulnerable to attacks by ground siege units such as siege tanks. The map also features island expansions and golden mineral expansions guarded by destructible rocks.[8]


A four-player map of the same name appeared in the Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne ladder.[9]


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