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LostViking SC2 Art1

Lost Viking

The Lost Viking is a vertical shmup made with the Galaxy Map Editor, available in the Hyperion's cantina in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.[1]

Plot DialogueEdit


You, Mighty Viking, are lost!!!

Find your way home to vikingville, but beware the Evil Terra-Tron!!!



The lost viking returns to a city filled with celebrating civilians, marines, and marauders.

You made it home!!!

The princess will kiss you!!!

If you get lost again, your enemy will be stronger!!!

First playthroughEdit

Level 1Edit

  • Scouts - shoot blue energy bursts and fly in set formations. Rewards 100 points.
  • Phoenixes - turns to aim at the Viking and fire in a two-step pattern, first firing two lasers on an outward angle, then two lasers directly forward. Has higher health than the scouts. Rewards 300 points.


  • Carrier - launches interceptors that fire blue energy blasts and intercept attacks on the carrier. After launching enough will charge energy and fire multiple plasma shots, aiming to track the Viking. Afterwards repeats attack pattern with interceptors. Rewards 3000 points, as well as 50 points for each interceptor destroyed.

Level 2Edit

  • Scourge - fly in formation but don't attack on their own. Explode into four globs of acid when destroyed that spread out in four directions. Rewards 100 points.
  • Corruptors - shoots large green acid blobs. Has higher health than the scourge. Rewards 400 points.


  • Swarm guardians - shoots multiple green spores, smaller than the corruptor's though. Rewards 1000 points.


  • Leviathan - launches four green sacs that explode into acid and spread out. Rams and slices with tentacles to attack, bypasses drones to destroy Viking instantly. Rewards 5000 points.

Level 3Edit

  • Wraiths - fly in formation and fire lasers. Rewards 100 points.
  • Science vessels - fires spread of lasers over large area then teleports. Has higher health than the wraiths. Rewards 500 points.
  • Psi disruptors - scroll by along the sides of the screen and fire energy beams across the screen. Cannot be destroyed, only appear on subsequent playthroughs.



  • Terra-tron - fires orange laser bursts from both arms in a spread pattern. Then releases two turrets that spin and fire lasers that spread out while the Terra-tron fires a contiunous laser along the bottom of the screen. The laser instantly kills the Viking regardless of drones. The Terra-tron can also shoot an energy saw blade that bounces around the screen. Rewards 7500 points.

Subsequent playthroughsEdit

After completing the game once, all subsequent games are played in a perpetual marathon mode. The three levels repeat starting at level 4, with a Terra-tron at the end of each repetition. Each repeat is harder.

Power UpsEdit

Power-ups spawn when enemies are destroyed and appear as a random type. If not picked up they cycle through the four types in order of side missiles, drone, plasma missiles, and bomb. All power-ups reward 500 points regardless of type.

  • Side missiles - attaches two additional missile launchers to the viking to fire two extra streams of missiles, one to each side. Can be doubled up to fire four streams.
  • Plasma missile - fires a powerful shot that does higher damage, useful for bosses and stronger enemies. Cannot be comboed with side missiles - picking up a Plasma missile power-up will cancel out side missiles and vice-versa.
  • Drone - Shoots a missile when the Viking fires that does less damage but homes in on enemies. If the Viking is hit while a drone is active the drone is destroyed and the Viking is saved. Can be doubled up and comboed with plasma or side missiles. If the player is hit while two drones are active, only one is destroyed.
  • Bomb - destroys all minor enemies and projectiles on screen, damages stronger enemies, and provides invulnerability to the Viking for a short time.


Level 1: The boss is pretty straightforward. The boss's special attack is to shoot plasma charges aimed at the viking. Strafe along the outside edge of the screen to avoid this attack.

Level 2: The boss will use a special attack twice, and then try to ram the viking. Simply move to the side to dodge the ram attack. To dodge the special attack, begin the fight right in front of the boss, shooting point blank. When the tentacles start to move to attack, start backing up while strafing side to side. The AI's attacks will fall short and have an incredibly difficult time tracking the viking, making them easy to dodge.

On the third run-through, the boss will perform 3 special attacks before attempting to ram the viking. Noticing this, it is uncertain under what other circumstances the boss's behavior might change.

Level 3: There is an infinite spawn of wraiths when you are fighting the battlecruisers. This is a slow and relatively safe time to rack up points; each wraith kill is 100 points.

The third boss is much more complex. Watching a video would be the best course of action to learn the attacks of the Terra-tron.


LostVikingBronze SC2 Icon1 Lost Viking: Bronze

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Score 125 000 points on the Lost Viking arcade machine.


The Lost Vikings was a sidescrolling platformer released in 1992 by Blizzard

LostVikingSilver SC2 Icon1 Lost Viking: Silver

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Score 250 000 points on the Lost Viking arcade machine.

LostVikingGold SC2 Icon1 Lost Viking: Gold

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Score 500 000 points on the Lost Viking arcade machine.


The image representing this achievement appears to be Erik, a character from The Lost Vikings

Terra-tronTerrorized SC2 Icon1 Terra-tron Terrorized!

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Beat the Terra-tron on the Lost Viking arcade machine.


  • The Lost Vikings was a Blizzard game series first released in 1992.
  • The game can only be played in the cantina on the Hyperion. Once the player starts the Char missions, it can only be played by loading a save from before the Char missions or starting a new campaign.



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