The Lost Wolves were a Terran Dominion marine platoon assigned to train with the Tamed. They were deployed to Thys to defend the planet against the zerg and secure the vespene gas mines there.


The Lost Wolves were a platoon of marines in the Dominion Marine Corps. They ran test drills in urban environments with the Tamed, a group of trained hydralisks, under the supervision of Colonel Garr. Wishing to see the Tamed put into action, the Lost Wolves were sent to support them in reclaiming the planet Thys.

The Lost Wolves were sent in with wraith support to fend off the zerg on the planet. The Tamed provided anti-air support when mutalisks began to attack. Colonel Garr then ordered the colonial councilers rounded by, and wished to see the Tamed released on the defiant miners in the mining facility. Dr. Sandra Loew ordered her Tamed to attack Garr for using them to attack humans, killing him, his security detail and the colonists councilors. The squad seargent asked Loew what was happening, and she confessed to turning the Tamed on Garr. Loew tried to activate the somnus failsafe in the Tamed, but the Tamed revealed to have only been faking subservience to the Dominion. They turned on the Lost Wolves, wiping them out.[1]


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