The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II which is no longer valid.

Lurker SC2 DevRend1

Development render

StarCraft IIEdit

The lurker reappeared in StarCraft II,[1] created from a hydralisk morph, but as of February 2010 and the release of the StarCraft II beta, is no longer in the game.[2] Not long before this, internal testing had found that the lurker had been underutilized by players.[3]

The lurker appeared at a higher tier than in the original game.[4]

Some units get a hold fire command,[5] however, as of March 2009 the lurker did not have this ability.[6]

Lurker attacks were able to devastate groups of infantry.[1] In addition, they could act as siege units, out-ranging conventional stationary defenses.[7]

The lurker was removed because its role was taken up by the roach (which can move while burrowed) and banelings (which deal splash damage),[8]

Its role was also supplanted by the infestor.[9]

In terms of design, the lurker's form in StarCraft II was originally based on its appearance in StarCraft: Ghost. However, when the development team started their initial renditions, the lurker reverted back to a design more in sync with its form in StarCraft: Brood War. The design was established and a portrait model was generated, then the lurker was modified once again to match the portrait artwork more accurately. The final rendition made the lurker regain more similarities to the hydralisk while adopting the newer design elements established over the years.[10] During development, some of its appearance was altered due to similarities from the roach.[11]

Lines found in Galaxy Map Editor indicate that lurkers were going to appear in the campaign of Wings of Liberty.[12]

A theoretical lurker inclusion in the game (prior to Legacy of the Void) would be useful for zerg players, as per their ability to attack while burrowed, and to push the zerg tech tree into tier 2.[13] Lurkers countered roaches for cost, but roaches had the mobility advantage.[14]

Cut AbilitiesEdit

SeismicSpines SC2 Game1
Seismic Spines[15]

Increases the range of the lurker's attack from 6 to 9, giving it siege range.[15][16]

Purchased from Lurker den[17]
Cost 150[16] Minerals Terran SC1 150[16] Gas Terran SC1 80[16]Time SC2 Game1

Cut UpgradesEdit

During the Legacy of the Void beta, lurkers could upgrade to a range of 9. The 9 range was later made standard.[18]


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