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The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II which is no longer valid.

Lurker Den
LurkerDen SC2 Rend1


Base structure

Hydralisk den[1]


50[2] Minerals Terran SC1


100[2] ZergVespene SC2 Game1

Evolves from

Hydralisk den



Hit points


Armor type



The lurker den was a zerg structure set to appear in StarCraft II. It was evolved from the hydralisk den[3] and was required for the development of lurkers.[1] It was canceled by the beta as the lurker had been removed.[6] However, it is still in the map editor.

It was referred to as a lurker den in February 2009; it was previously known as the deep warren.[4]

It used to have a "cool" morph animation, but it was lost during development.[7] The morph animation is still in the map editor.[8] The lurker den (and its morph from hydralisk den) are available if playing as zerg on the custom map "Vulture Nest".[9]


The lurker den enabled the transformation of hydralisks into lurkers.

SC2 Lurker icon Lurker Morph

Allows a hydralisk to morph into a lurker.[10] The mutation costs 1 control.[2]

Hotkey L[11][2]
Cost 50[11][12][2] Minerals Terran SC1 100[11][12][2] Gas Terran SC1 33[11][12][2]Time SC2 Game1 Hydralisk[10]


GlialReconstitution SC2 Icon1 Muscular Augments
Purchased from Hydralisk den
Cost 150 Minerals Terran SC1 150 Gas Terran SC1 100Time SC2 Game1
Required Lair
SeismicSpines SC2 Game1 Seismic Spines[14]

Increases the range of the lurker's attack from 6 to 9, giving it siege range.[14][15]

Purchased from Lurker den[16]
Cost 150[15] Minerals Terran SC1 150[15] Gas Terran SC1 80[15]Time SC2 Game1


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