Meal, Ready-to-Eat (MRE) is a self-contained food supply used by terrans. They are found in both emergency supplies and as part of standard dining. For the most part, MREs are sub-standard in quality of substance and taste.[1]

Despite their self-contained nature, MREs have expiration dates.[2]

Known MRE FoodstuffsEdit

Peach CobblerEdit

Peach Cobbler is a dessert contained in about 1 in 600 MREs and is apparently the only thing that actually tastes good in an MRE. For those lucky enough to receive an MRE containing a cobbler, he/she can expect all matter of proposed trade-offs and bribes to come their way from their fellow diners.[1]


  • Chipped Beef Deluxe (single type of MRE)[2]
  • Chocolate Surprise (a type of dessert)[1]
  • "Gray-brown something" (side-dish)[1]
  • "Gray-green something" (main course)[1]
  • Mashed potato[1]


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