"Call in our best Ghost. I believe MacGregor Golding will do."

- General Edmund Duke(src)

MacGregor Golding is a male terran ghost, serving in Alpha Squadron. He has a small, "streetwise" face, overlarge eyes and high cheekbones that look incredibly old. Due to years of physical training in isolation, he possesses exceptional stamina and resistance to the negative effects of stimulants.[1]


Golding was quarantined by the Terran Confederacy and conscripted into the Ghost Program. Unlike many ghosts in the service of Terran governments, Golding has retained his memories, suggesting the lack of a neuro adjustor. In turn, Golding does not appear to resent his conscription.[1]

Golding survived the fall of the Confederacy and began service in the Terran Dominion, though given his place in Alpha Squadron, the status quo would have changed little for him. Not long before the Brood War, Golding was part of an Alpha Squadron force led by General Edmund Duke to the world of Bhekar Ro, seeking to recover a strange artifact. Due to the presence of the zerg and protoss however, this was hardly an easy task.[1]

Seeking victory from the jaws of defeat, Duke ordered Golding to paint the target for a nuclear strike. The nukes were delivered successfully with Golding escaping the blast radius, though the results were unexpected; a strange creature emerging from the artifact that "absorbed" the zerg and protoss and destroyed the bulk of Alpha Squadron's ships.[1]

It took months of waiting, but finally transport ships arrived.[2]


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