"This is Magellan, a cybernetic construct. Listen to him closely Commander, for he has one of the finest scientific minds in the Terran Dominion."

- Arcturus Mengsk to an Alpha Squadron commander(src)

Commodore Magellan was a cybernetic construct who commanded a science vessel.


Magellan was attached to Alpha Squadron following the rise of the Terran Dominion. Magellan was assigned to an operation to neutralize Alan Schezar and his militia by Emperor Arcturus Mengsk himself, who feared Schezar's control over a zerg cerebrate. Magellan was teamed with Tom Kazansky.[1]

During the briefing, Magellan picked up a transmission on the hyper-waveform emitter, which he showed to Mengsk and the commander. Somehow protoss Praetor Mojo was able to contact him telepathically from a stasis cell. Mojo advised rescuing a number of protoss whom Schezar had imprisoned in the vicinity of the cerebrate. He also advised not killing the cerebrate, as this would cause the zerg to run rampant and overrun both forces.[1]

Mengsk ignored the request, but Magellan chose to honor the protoss and rescue them. He later traveled to Aiur, seeking to rescue the protoss Praetor, Mojo, from the same Scavengers, in which he succeeded.[2]

Magellan (along with Kazansky, Mojo and a number of other terrans and protoss) participated in an assault on Schezar's main base on Aiur along with its associated cerebrate. He quickly detected the presence of a strange breed of ultralisk, the torrasque. Mojo informed him it could reincarnate from death, but Magellan noted its genetic similarity to Schezar's pet cerebrate. He believed killing his cerebrate would prevent the Torrasque from reincarnating. Magellan was last seen attacking the Schezar's Scavengers base on Aiur, seeking to destroy its enslaved cerebrate and Torrasque. His forces were successful.[3]

Trivia Edit

The name Magellan possibly came from the famous Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, whose ship was the first ever to circumnavigate the globe.


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