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Valor in Hell

BattleChar SC2-WoL Story1

The Battle of Char was fought during the Second Great War, between a joint Terran Dominion and Raynor's Raiders force against the Zerg Swarm. It was instigated by Prince Valerian Mengsk but executed by Commander Jim Raynor. The terrans struck at the primary hive and used a xel'naga device to deinfest Sarah Kerrigan. (more...)

StarCraft Universe

The StarCraft franchise is a series of real-time strategy (RTS) computer games developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It is similar to Blizzard's previous hit franchise, Warcraft, except that it has a space opera setting rather than a high fantasy setting. StarCraft was the best selling video game of 1998, and was so successful that Blizzard estimated in 2004 that 9.5 million copies had been sold since its release (4.5 million copies in South Korea), making it the third best-selling computer game in history. StarCraft is praised for being a benchmark of RTS for its depth, intensity, and balanced races. The main storyline of the series revolves around a war between three galactic species: the protoss (a race of humanoid religious warriors), the zerg (vile insect-like aliens who share a hive mind) and the terrans (initially, descendants of human prisoners from Earth). The sequel, StarCraft II, is a trilogy with each "chapter" focusing on one of the three species.

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StarCraft News

For past news, see the news archive.
23rd April—Gamescom 2015
Blizzard has announced that it will have a presence at Gamescom 2015, on August 5-9. Legacy of the Void will be playable.
17th April—BlizzCon Ticket On Sale Again
Blizzard will be selling BlizzCon 2015 tickets again on Saturday April 25th!
15th April—Legacy of the Void Balance Update
All three races saw balance updates in the newest LotV beta patch. In addition, Blizzard released LotV Beta Patch 2.5.1, a bug fix patch.
14th April—Legacy of the Void Balance Update Preview
Blizzard previewed and explained an upcoming LotV patch.
13th April—BlizzCon tickets on sale soon!
BlizzCon 2015 tickets go on sale Wednesday April 15th at 7 PM PDT, and again Saturday April 18th at 10 AM PDT.
10th April—Templar Time
Radio Liberty reports on the high templar, dark templar, and archon.
9th April—HotS Balance Patch
Blizzard unveiled a zerg-focused balance patch. The swarm host underwent significant changes, similar to its Legacy of the Void incarnation.
6th April—2015 Season 1 Locked
2015 Season 1 was locked today. Season 2 opens on April 13th.
2nd April—Legacy of the Void Beta Patch 2.5.0!
Blizzard unleashed a small Legacy of the Void bug fix patch.
1st April—April Fools!
It's April 1st, and there's plenty to celebrate
31st March—LEGACY of the VOID BETA STARTS!
The Legacy of the Void beta has started. Patch 1.0 is now available.
24th March—2015 Season 2 Starting, Maps Online
2015 Season 2 opens April 6th, and 4 new maps are going online.
24th March—Patch 2.1.9 - Warcraft III assets
Patch 2.19 has a packet of Warcraft III art assets and some bug fixes.
18th March—Get Ready for the Legacy of the Void BETA!
The beta for Legacy of the Void is expected to start two weeks from this date.
12th March—BlizzCon 2015 Announced
BlizzCon 2015 will be held Nov 6 and 7, 2015!
5th March—Call to Action
Blizzard tests changes to the viper, locust and tempest.
12th February—Legacy of the Void Update
Blizzard tests new changes, including encouraging expansions, increasing combat scan range and decreasing rates of fire.
5th February—Death From Above: Protoss Science
Radio Liberty got some information on protoss stargate spacecraft that literally fell from the sky.
29th January—Call to Action
Blizzard announced a new Call to Action, focusing on numerous changes to the zerg.
23rd January—Teamliquid Map Contest
Teamliquid is hosting a map contest. Blizzard will include two of the winners in the map pool for 2015 season 2!
16th January—The Creme de la Zerg
Radio Liberty completes their release of zerg intel: the ultralisk, brood lord and viper.
2nd January—2014 Season 4 Lock
2014 Season 2 locks on January 5th, and 2015 Season 1 opens on January 12th.
18th December—The Big Guns
Raynor's Raiders report on the big guns of the terran forces.
18th December—2015 Maps Preview
Blizzard has previewed the 2015 Season 1 maps. Take a look.
17th December—LotV Development Update
Blizzard revealed a behind-the-scenes discussion around Legacy of the Void multiplayer.
15th December—Call to Action
Blizzard announced a "Call to Action" playtest on the Deadwing LE map. The test focuses on reducing the widow mine's splash damage against shields.
4th December—"Easy" Zerg Science
Radio Liberty slipped a new informant into the facility, and she had so much access, her job is easy. Get info on the overseer, nydus worm and swarm host here.
2nd December—Patch 2.1.7 goes live!
Blizzard released a small bug fix patch today.
20th November—Protoss Spotted!
Blizzard unleashes new protoss lore: the observer, immortal, warp prism and mothership core have all been revealed.
11th November—2014 Season 4 Begins
Season 4 has officially opened.
7th November—BlizzCon 2014 Opens Today, with Legacy of the Void News!
BlizzCon 2014 opens November 7th and 8th. Blizzard unveiled Legacy of the Void, which we're posting as quickly as possible.
4th November—2014 Season 3 Locked
The most recent season locked today. The new season unlocks November 10th.
30th October—Protoss Spotted!
Blizzard unleashes new protoss lore: the probe, zealot, sentry and stalker have all been revealed.
21st October—Patch 2.1.6
Patch 2.1.6, a small bug fix patch, has gone live.
10th October—New Terran Unit Lore
Blizzard unleashes new terran tech schematics: the siege tank, raven and banshee.
2nd October—StarCraft II Patch 2.1.5 Goes Live
Blizzard unleashes another small patch.
25th September—Science Corner Episode V: The Threat Continues
Blizzard unleashes new zerg lore. The mutalisk, hydralisk, corruptor, and infestor have all been revealed.
23rd September—Patch 2.1.4 Goes Live
Blizzard unleashes Patch 2.1.4, full of helpful non-balance changes.
11th September—Science Corner Episode IV: You Aren't Going In Alone
Blizzard unleashes new terran unit lore. The hellion, medivac, viking and widow mine have all been revealed.
28th August—Science Corner Episode III: Terran Lore
Blizzard unleashes new terran unit lore. The SCV, marine, reaper and marauder have all been revealed.
27th August—Battle.Net Upgraded and PTR Patch 2.1.4
Blizzard upgraded the StarCraft II launchers to change to the desktop app. The new PTR patch includes enhanced graphical effects.
14th August—The Science Corner—Intruder Detected
Radio Liberty continues its exploration of zerg lore. Radio Liberty brings news about the zergling, baneling, queen, and roach.
31st July—The Science Corner
StarCraft zerg data explodes with new zerg unit lore. Radio Liberty brings news about the larva, drone, and overlord.
25th July—Heart of the Swarm Balance Update, and 4th Anniversary Gifts
Heart of the Swarm has a small balance patch. Until the 27th, the 4th anniversary of StarCraft II, players can gain new icons.
21st July—War Stories
StarCraft II: War Stories, a collection of the Project Blackstone short stories, is now on sale.
11th and 17th July—Call to Action
Blizzard issued a Call to Action on the Overgrowth map. The thor, widow mine and mothership core have all been modified. The changes were updated a week later.
11th July—Rock the Cabinet
The final voting round of Rock the Cabinet has begun. Vote to choose your favorite custom maps for the Arcade.
7th July—2014 Season 3 Begins
2014 Season 3 has begun. Test out the new maps.
30th June—2014 Season 3 Maps Preview
2014 Season 3 maps have been revealed.
23rd June—2014 Season 2 Locked
2014 Season 2 is now locked. Season 3 starts July 7th.
23rd May—Heart of the Swarm Balance Update
Blizzard made a few terran and zerg changes.
21st May—Call to Action
Blizzard added some zerg changes to the most recent Call to Action playtest.
20th May—Patch 2.1.2
The newest patch has gone live.
14th May—Call to Action
Blizzard expanded their most recent Call to Action playtest.
5th May—Call to Action
Blizzard announced a terran-focused Call to Action playtest.
22nd April—BlizzCon 2014 Announced
BlizzCon 2014 has been announced for November 8-9. Tickets are now on sale.
14th April—2014 Season 2 Begins
The newest season of StarCraft II begins.
1st April—That time of year again
Proving its love of the acronym "HotS," Blizzard has changed the name of Legacy of the Void to Herald of the Stars. If you ever wanted to see a time traveling, reality-jumping Artanis, this game is for you! Also, if Heroes of the Storm isn't enough for you, check out Blizzard's new fighting game, Blizzard Outcasts. Arcturus Mengsk. Liddy Raynor. Reapers, banelings, and the battlecruiser Mr Operational. And finally, happy April Fools.
4th March—Patch 2.1.1
Patch 2.1.1, a bug fix, is going live across different regions this week.
28th February—Heart of the Swarm Balance Update
All three races got changes in the most recent balance update.
13th February—Call to Action
Blizzard is testing changes to all three races in the newest Call to Action.
4th February—Heart of the Swarm balance update
StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm has a brand new balance update.
21st January—Patch 2.1 Live!
StarCraft II patch 2.1 has gone live! The Arcade is now free for players of the Starter Edition of StarCraft II. The new art tools are also available.
3rd January—2014 Season 1 Starts
2014 Season 1 opened.

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