Manfred was a terran who lived in the Gutter.


Manfred was a crime lord who ran his own operations in the suburb of O'Callaghan. This changed however, when the crime lord Fagin took it from him, Manfred ending up working for the crime lord as a result, though still overseeing operations. However, his supervision was not as flawless as Fagin would have liked, as it took him weeks to report to Fagin that Ian was selling hab there, the boy's minor status in Fagin's criminal empire usually preventing him from doing such a thing.

Fagin acted grateful to Manfred for bringing the issue to his attention, but then shot him. In Fagin's mind, Manfred was either stupid or disloyal, the latter being more likely since Manfred had been "solid and too smart". Fagin later discovered how deep his betrayal went. With the aid of Manfred's successor Tenilee however, he managed to gain control over the suburb, albeit with several corpses, broken limbs and demotions occurring in the process.


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