"I'd like to help you out by sending down a number of transports to your colony and evacuating any survivors."

- Arcturus Mengsk making an offer to the Colonial Magistrate(src)

MarSaraCity SCR Art1

Mar Sara City

Mar Sara City[1] was a major city on the planet of Mar Sara and presumably its capital. A self-contained city, its main entrances were two bridges to the north-east.[2]


"Priority Alert! Evacuation Zone under attack by Zerg forces. Distress beacon activated at 1220."

- An adjutant upon the siege of the city(src)

During the Great War, although most of Mar Sara's population were relocated to the Wasteland during the initial zerg infestation,[3] the city still retained a sizable population, the colonial magistrate maintaining his office there. Although initially protected by the Confederate Marine Corps,[1] the Confederates eventually pulled out, leaving it vulnerable to the zerg.[2]

MarSaraCity2 SCR Art1

The zerg close in on the city

The leader of the Sons of Korhal, Arcturus Mengsk, made an offer to the magistrate, promising to send dropships if they could hold out for half an hour[2] and having agents such as Sarah Kerrigan and Universe News Network reporter Michael Liberty spread enough anti-Confederate ideas to get people to listen.[3]

EvacMarSaraCity SC2 Art1

The Sons of Korhal rescue Mar Sara

However, the offer was mainly public relations, as there weren't enough dropships to evacuate the citizenry fast enough to save them from the zerg. The 417th Confederate Marine Platoon came to the rescue, however, as they had come into possession of a psi emitter (found in the hands of Sons of Korhal agent Merdith Jernic), and used the device to attract the bulk of the zerg forces to their location. They fought a delaying action with the zerg long enough[1] for the Son of Korhal dropships to arrive and ferry the city's populace to safety.[2]


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