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Mar Sara Starport was the main starport of Mar Sara, located on the outskirts of Mar Sara City. The starport was rather extensive, tarmac and control towers situated throughout. In the last days of Mar Sara in the wake of the zerg invasion, order broke down. The Confederacy had to use the starport to withdraw its assets from Mar Sara while keeping frantic civilians at bay, even opening fire occasionally. While orbital spacecraft were present for civilian evacuation, no centralized control was present, the ships landing, taking off and occasionally crashing at will...all for the right fee of course. The starport was also the first point of call for the 417th Confederate Marine Platoon, featuring a barracks for accommodation.

The Confederacy succeeded in its own evacuation though many civilians were not so fortunate. Luckily, the Sons of Korhal initiated their own evacuation of the planet, saving the lives of many.


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