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  • The StarCraft II strategy MMM

Marines and medics (or MnM or M&M) is a terran StarCraft strategy. The medics heal damage caused by the enemy and stimpacks. The marines can stay in the field longer and/or deal more damage faster with medic support. Multiple medics should be used; a medic cannot heal herself, but may be healed by other medics.

Counter StrategiesEdit

Overwhelm the medicsEdit

  • Concentrate fire. A unit may only be healed by one medic at a time. Deal damage faster than the medic can heal.
  • Use attacks and abilities that damage multiple units at once and/or over time. Keep draining the medics' energy.

Stop the medicsEdit

  • Drain their energy. Science vessels and dark archons have abilities to completely reduce energy levels to zero.
  • Kill the medics quickly. Queens may use Spawn Broodling. The dark archon's Feedback may also severely wound or kill the medic outright.
  • Disable the medics. The dark archon's Maelstrom will temporarily stop the medics and marines from attacking, healing, or moving.

Use the terrainEdit

  • Kite. Launch raids from beyond terrain impassable to infantry.
  • Engage from higher ground. Offset the marines' firepower by increasing their chance of missing.

Deal high damageEdit

  • Siege tanks, reavers, and lurkers are among the options that can deal damage quickly enough to render medic healing to be useless.

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