"One of our most prolific developers, Bounty is known for Haunted Forest, Photon Discs, and a previous Arcade Highlight, Ling Ling Rocket. Bounty has a knack for creating games that are easy to jump into and start playing, without complicated instructions or tutorials."

- Arcade blurb(src)

Mark "Bounty" Eissler is a modder who has been interviewed by Blizzard Entertainment on separate occasions.


Eissler became interested in game design after seeing the Galaxy Map Editor at BlizzCon, after seeing that the software allowed for the design of third-person gameplay. He has since created over 20 mods in the StarCraft II engine,[1] and has been involved in the modding community since the StarCraft II beta. Examples include Ling Ling Rocket![1] and Tessera, both of which have received Arcade spotlight.

Eissler is currently working on a game which he plans to Kickstart once it reaches a playable stage.[2]


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