Martina Dharma was a terran who lived in Tarsonis City. Short, shabilly dressed and middle aged, she had fake red hair and had undergone laser surgery to remove her wrinkles. Visually, "she got what she paid for."

It appears that Dharma had something of a speech impediment, or at least wasn't that articulate.


Dharma owned a news vendor in "The Gutter"-the southwest district of Tarsonis City. It was somewhat standard, selling magazines and subscriptions to UNN, along with having drink and candy machines. By way of defense, she possessed a poorly maintained P180 pistol that was unloaded and probably would not fire properly if it was.

Dharma knew someone named Frobeet in a relationship of partly commercial nature.

During the Great War, business went poorly for Dharma. This involved a young girl destroying her vendor's AAI via telekinesis. The girl ran off soon afterward, but this was not the end of it, Wrangler Malcolm Kelerchian visiting her the next day. Dharma was convinced that the girl was a terrorist and babbled on as such, as acts of terrorism were covered under her insurance, but after some "persuasion" from the detective (the girl was not a terrorist and Dharma's portrayal of her as such could be seen as insurance fraud), Dharma told him what she knew.


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