Martul was a protoss zealot commander.


At the end of the Great War, Martul was a young zealot fighting the zerg on Samiku, a relatively unimportant protoss colony world. She was unable to receive reinforcements. The besieged outpost she commanded was about to be overrun when the mothership Moratun arrived. The ship was returning to Aiur and intended to take on crew. Martul was contacted by the Moratun's commander and sole crew member, Juras, and she was able to call down covering fire as she and the survivors evacuated to the ship.

Aside from the rescue Martul was unable to convince Juras to use the ship more aggressively. Juras was a scientist newly awoken from centuries of stasis; he was unaware of the extent of the zerg threat and extremely reluctant to use the ship for warfare. Nonetheless the templar commander familiarized herself with the mothership's tactical capabilities.

Once on Aiur the full extent of the disaster became clear. Juras initially disabled the ship's weapons, even as the ship came under attack, in belief a peaceful solution was possible. Martul threatened to kill the scientist and assume command and went so far as to hold a psionic blade to his head, although Juras claimed to be the only one capable of releasing the weapons, and that said action would create another Aeon of Strife. Juras finally changed his mind when he saw the zerg butcher an innocent civilian, even using systems Martul was unaware of.

Martul was offered the helm as Juras searched for survivors. As they picked them up, other empty motherships warped into Aiur's system. The zealots and survivors were spread out throughout the ships. They were occasionally attacked by zerg leviathans but the motherships quickly destroyed them.

An injured protoss, speaking of the evacuation of Aiur, was brought to Martul and Juras. However, he could not tell them where the protoss had gone to and so passed away. Juras and Martul would lead the motherships through space until they found their people again.[1]


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