The Mazor gang was a group of infamous slavers founded by Mazor who preyed on passerbys and science expeditions into Perdition's Crossing. They were destroyed by Marshal Jim Raynor and the prisoners who allied with him.


The Mazor gang was founded by the notorious slaver Mazor. Taking advantage of the lawlessness and the wave-band anomalies that prevented communications in or out, they preyed on the Confederate Science Corps expeditions that came to study the mineral fields and various other passerbys of Perdition's Crossing, ruthlessly capturing those that they could sell and executing those they could not, forcing them to dig their own graves.

In 2496, they attacked a Confederate Science Corps transport containing scientists and children. One scientist survived, and was found by Jim Raynor, who was escorting three prisoners, T-Bone Smalls, Marduke Saul, and Rodney Oseen, across the crossing. After he heard they had children, Raynor made a deal with his prisoners that if they helped him free the slaves he'd let them go.

Marduke and T-Bone raided the camp, killing ten of the slavers using the element of surprise. Raynor attempted to support them with spider mines but was knocked out. Mazor then found Raynor, and was prepared to execute him, when Marduke gunned him down. The gang was destroyed, and they were all buried in the same mass graves they forced the scientists to dig.


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