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McMurty is a chaplain and marine who served with Raynor's Raiders. He followed Jim Raynor to Char following the fall of Tarsonis, and was one of the few Raiders to make it off that world with Executor Artanis' Fleet of the Executor.


Upon arriving at Char, the Raiders engaged and were defeated by the zerg. McMurty, Raynor, and other survivors of the ground assault force were stranded when Hyperion was forced to flee. The chaplain suggested repairing the communications equipment and calling for help, but Raynor initially declined.

McMurty survived the battle which sealed the alliance between the protoss led by Tassadar, Zeratul's Dark Templar, and the Raiders. The Raiders suffered fatalities and he was forced to carry out his duties as chaplain following the battle.

The alliance went on to ambush the zerg; they withdrew based on Jim Raynor's seemingly baseless warning of approaching enemy reinforcements. McMurty asked how Raynor had known this after the battle, and was stunned to discover Raynor could "hear" the enemy speak. Zeratul confirmed the Raiders' leader was mentally connected with Kerrigan and might be tactically advantageous.

McMurty was one of the few Raiders to leave Char when the Raiders departed for Aiur with Executor Artanis.


Unlike many other Raiders, McMurty was not disturbed by the protoss but preferred to see them coming.


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