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Megalopolis SC1 Logo1
Megalopolis SC1 Map1



Space platform


256 x 256



"I have a dream, ladies and gentlemen. Mankind has been traveling amongst the heavens for generations, but our kind has never actually called space home. We've built orbital defense space platforms, 'space stations' that provide waypoints for trade and commerce, and research facilities in space, but do we ever think of these places as home? No, we do not, and I aim to change that today. I've had the sector's finest engineers and designers build a place in the stars that humans can finally call home: Megalopolis."

Megalopolis is a giant floating city (basically an exceptionally large space platform) built by Big Sky Inc. It provides living quarters, schools, jobs, basically everything a fully functional city requires.


1999-09-03. Megalopolis. StarCraft Compendium Map Archives.

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