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Meinhoff System






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Swarm-controlled world

Meinhoff is a planet within the Meinhoff System. It orbits a star with high UV output and has a very short day-night cycle.[2]


Rory Swann established a mining outfit on Meinhoff in the years after the Brood War. Its success drew the attention of Tavish Kerr, the son of a wealthy merchant, who coveted Swann's claim. Kerr used his father's wealth to bribe Kel-Morian officials into levying exorbitant taxes on Swann. Swann tried to lodge a formal complaint but even that failed because of Kerr's bribery. Eventually, Swann and his allies were forced to revolt. The revolt was brutally crushed and Swann and other surviving miners escaped only due to the timely intervention of Raynor's Raiders.[1]

By 2504, Meinhoff was regarded as a "paradise world."[3] During the Second Great War however, it became a staging point for refugees fleeing from zerg attacks on the fringe worlds.[2] Many hoped to eventually reach the relative safety of the core worlds. There were insufficient provisions for the camps or the refugee ships, and help was not forthcoming from the Terran Dominion.[4] Worse, the crowding made it an ideal vector for a zerg infestation virus.[2]

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This article or section contains information from the optional Colonist Missions in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

Refugees from Agria were dropped off at Meinhoff after being rescued by Raynor's Raiders. However, Doctor Ariel Hanson, the Agrian refugees' liaison with the Raiders, soon noticed the zerg virus was sweeping through the camps. The virus made the infested refugees terminally vulnerable to the local star's UV output, so they burrowed during the day and only became a threat at night. The Raiders successfully destroyed infested buildings and refugees to halt the virus. The Agria refugees decided to leave Meinhoff in search of a safer world.[2] They eventually discovered Haven.[5][6]


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