Memo 3451GS12 is a note from the office of the surveyor general of the United Earth Directorate concerning naming policies. The following is a transcript of it;


In the last few months I have seen a rash of new planets, continents, oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, mountains, plains and valleys with suggested nomenclature based on geographic features found on Earth. While I do not wish to single out any specific survey team as being particularly uncreative, it was brought to my attention that just today a body of water located on Exgelia IV was given the name "New Aegean Sea". I have examined the maps and photographs of the area in great detail and have read the survey report thoroughly. Although this body of water does indeed bear some resemblance to the Aegean Sea located off the coast of Greece and Turkey on Earth, it is with great hesitancy and reluctance that I give this name my final approval. Be advised that the next of these uninspired reports that comes across the desk of this office will be immediately rejected.



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