Memo 592JLY03 is a report by Commandant L. H. Smith of the MCT Training Program. The following is a transcript of it;


In this modern age of warfare, many new recruits discount the importance of Melee Combat Technique training. While specific attention is paid while learning how to service and fire their Gauss rifles, they never seem to learn how block a thrown punch. Last night, I disciplined a recruit who was leaving his quarters without proper authorization and it was a embarrassingly simple matter to pummel the lad into a weeklong coma. The deplorable shape of the recruits in our charge as well as our training regimen needs to change, ladies and gentleman, and quickly. Platoon leaders should begin to schedule daily sessions with our melee instructors until some noticeable improvement is achieved. I will continue a program of random testing the recruits, placing them in the hospital if need be, until I see that improvement. That is all.


2000-06-09, Close Quarters. StarCraft Compendium Map Archives. Accessed on 2008-01-17