"We all know what is at stake here, Executor. We will not falter. Our resolve will never weaken."

- Mess'Ta adresses Executor Koronis in the Battle of Bhekar Ro.(src)

Mess'Ta was a protoss high templar who served as part of an expeditionary fleet sent from Aiur, searching for xel'naga relics and for any sign of the Dark Templar.


Stationed on the flagship carrier Qel'Ha, Mess'Ta and the rest of the fleet spent decades searching without result, only to detect a signal on the planet of Bhekar Ro—one of xel'naga origin. The fleet thus headed for the planet. With his superior, Executor Koronis, going planetside with a large force, Mess'Ta remained onboard the carrier, only to detect a large zerg force heading towards the planet. Per Koronis' instructions, Mess'Ta led the protoss fleet against the zerg and upon their arrival, a terran Alpha Squadron fleet. In Koronis' mind, he could not have left the Qel'Ha in better hands.

For all his efforts, they were in vain, as on the surface, a strange creature was released from a xel'naga temple. It wiped out all the ships above the planet, including the Qel'Ha and those aboard it.


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