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The Metis facility was a Terran Dominion xeno-research lab located on Korhal and overseen by Dr. Klein. During the Second Great War, the facility housed many captured zerg, including several ultralisks. During Kerrigan's invasion of Korhal in 2505, Abathur took notice of the facility and decided to use it as a testing ground for a new strain of ultralisk. Kerrigan telepathically called out to a captive ultralisk, causing it to break loose and rampage through the facility, freeing the other captive ultralisks. During the escape, two canisters containing toxic gas broke open, exposing the ultralisks to their contents. Abathur integrated the toxins into the ultralisks' essence, evolving them into the Noxious-strain. The now toxin-spewing ultralisks continued their rampage, killing the Dominion security forces, before eventually breaking out and crippling the facility. [1]


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