Mick Stanislawski, nicknamed "Two-Bit", was an enforcer of the crime lord Fagin. Armed with a P100 pistol, he was not too bright and was easily angered.


Two-Bit was called to defend Fagin's HQ from a rogue telepath. However, the girl did not want to harm Fagin's followers, only the crime lord himself, and repeatedly jammed his followers' weapons as a result and in Two-Bit's case, sending him flying across the room via her psionic powers. Realizing that he was not taking the hint, she sent another enforcer stumbling into him. In a rage and thinking that he had done it on purpose, Two-Bit killed him.

Grieved that Two-Bit had effectively made a liar of her in her claims that she did not want to hurt anyone, the telepath fried his brain with psionic powers.


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