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Nova SC-GA3 Comic2

Nova using a mind blast

"I can use a psionic explosion to take out groups of marines. A little trick I call mindblast."

A mind blast is a psionic power that stuns and injures opponents. Gabriel Tosh possesses ability[1] as does Nova Terra.[2] The latter has demonstrated the ability to use mind blasts of monstrous size, but at the cost of extended charging time.[3]

Tal'darim ascendants have also demonstrated this ability.[4]

Game EffectEdit

Wings of LibertyEdit

Gabriel Tosh can stun enemy units in a small area, dealing 35 damage.

Hotkey B
Cost 50 Energy Terran SC1

Note that the effect in game terms is similar to that of the ultrasonic pulse ability used by spectres.[5]

Legacy of the VoidEdit

Deals 200 damage to target enemy unit.

Hotkey F
Cost 100 Energy Terran SC1
Cooldown 8Time SC2 Game1


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