"Mira's Marauders do not fail!"

Mira's Marauders (a.k.a. Mira's Mercs) is a terran mercenary organization led by Mira Han, known for their ferocity and adaptability. It is based out of Deadman's Port, Deadman's Rock.


"If you want something shiny, look elsewhere; these mercenaries play dirty and don’t waste time polishing their gear."
SiegeTank SC2-LotV Art2

A Mira's Marauders siege tank

Mira's Marauders are a group of ferocious mercenaries, with heavily modified weapons and armor in order to add functionality and an intimidation factor to their gear. Commonly Mira's Marauders will put spikes, extra plating, and decals of skulls on their ships and powered armor. Many of her ships are heavily rusted over and chipping, but function as well as their Dominion counterparts.[1] The Marauders have worked in a number of desert environments over the years, and their equipment has experienced the weathering one would expect from these settings. However, the Marauders have made no effort to keep their gear well polished or painted.[2]

Marine SC2-LotV Art1

A Mira's Marauders marine

The group is noted for having a large number of reapers. Among the first of Mira's Marauders was her marauder corps, but it is unknown whether they follow out of loyalty or practically good blackmail she has on them. Much of their technology has been redesigned, including Vikings that make loud noises when their engines are fully revved and widow mines with extra explosive capacity. In spite of her charms, Mira has been unable to reliably recruit or retain ghosts for her Marauders. To date, the Marauders have been unsuccessful in creating a thor in spite of their best efforts.[1]

Members of War Pigs, Hammer Securities, Spartan Company, and the Siege Breakers have been hired to fight alongside the Marauders in the past.[3]


The Marauders served in a number of desert environments over the years.[2]


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This article or section contains information from the optional Rebellion Missions in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

During the Second Great War, the group was hired by Colonel Orlan to protect him from Raynor's Raiders. However, Han was familiar with both Jim Raynor and Matt Horner and after receiving their payment of 6000 minerals, turned against Orlan. The colonel and his forces were defeated, and Mira held the colonel prisoner for Jim Raynor.[3]

Later ActionsEdit

After Sarah Kerrigan was de-infested, the group sheltered Valerian and Raynor from the Dominion in Dead Man's Rock. However, the Terran Dominion discovered their presence, and sent a force to intercept them. Mira's Mercs fought off the Dominion while the Dominion Renegades escaped.[4]

Later in the Second Great War after the capture of Jim Raynor by the Terran Dominion, Matt Horner approached Mira Hahn to use the services of Colonel Orlan to find where Raynor was being held. However, Han refused, and Mira's Mercs fought against the Hyperion and its crew as they destroyed their fleets and space platforms. Mira's Mercs were defeated, and they released Orlan to Raynor's Raiders.[5]

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Hellion SC2-LotV Art2

The Marauders roll out

During the End War, Mira's Marauders joined with the Dominion Fleet under Admiral Matt Horner in order to help push back Amon's Forces.[6]

At some point Mira Han won a large number of liberators in a game of poker. However, she lost them to a rival mercenary not long after.[1]

Known MembersEdit


Mira'sMarauders SC2 Rend1

Mira's Marauders skin set

  • A Mira's Marauders skin set and console was added in the Katowice 2018 War Chest.[9] Spikes and blades were added to the units to give them a brutal feeling, along with emphasizing exhaust effects. As part of the sound design, one of the developers recorded the sound of his neighbor's car.[2]


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