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The following article or section contains lore from the StarCraft RPG, which is not regarded as canon. Elements may be regarded as 'flavor lore' however.

"I am Miratix, the Dark Templar. I claim this planet in the name of the true Protoss legacy! Now, will you approach me, or should I have my troops level this stinking Terran hellhole?"

- Miratix threatens Alliance forces on Dylar IV.(src)

Miratix is a rogue Dark Templar. He often claims that his actions are for the greater good of the protoss race, but in reality, he is simply an individual who looks out for himself.

In addition to the standard abilities of a Dark Templar, Miratix can cast psionic bolts.


At some point after the Brood War, Miratix led his followers in an attack on an Alliance base on Dylar IV, seeking an artifact that had been recovered from the ruins of a protoss city. Leaving his followers to take the brunt of the enemy resistance, Miratix sneaked into the research bunker, acquiring the artifact (a shockwave inducer).

Miratix assembled the artifact and bonded with it, the inducer's personality program feeding his ego. Miratix became convinced that he was a protoss of old, a psionic god made manifest. To this end, he settled on continuing his attack. Despite his newfound power however, Miratix was defeated and the artifact was destroyed, its destruction sending Miratix into a coma.


Miratix possessed a number of followers, including (and possibly limited to) four dragoons, two zealots and a modified, armed shuttle to transport them. All of them possessed the symbol of a sword and triangle on their armor.


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