The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II which is no longer valid.

Missile turrets used to rely on sensor towers and radar towers to detect enemy units.[1] However, by the GDC 2008 build they could detect by themselves.[2] By May 21st, 2009 they had lost their detection ability again.[3] Missile turrets were detectors again at the start of the StarCraft II beta.[4]

Visually, missile turrets only underwent a few updates in regards to their StarCraft predecessors. After a few art revisions the missile turret was done finally and wasn't revisited again until the end of development. However, when the armory in Wings of Liberty was finalizing the upgrade changes of the artwork, the missile turret was picked for a visual upgrade. The titanium housing upgrade simply added more chunky armor bits to the existing turret, but with a newer texture pass.[5]

During the Legacy of the Void beta, missile turrets lost the engineering bay requirement for their construction. This was reinstated, as the developers felt that the change didn't spark a change in strategy, and that "the choice to just build Turrets easily didn’t feel like a good add to the game."[6]

Previous PropertiesEdit

Missile Turrets lose the detector ability but sensor towers/radar towers grant detection to Missile Turrets within an area.[1]


Removes the structure and returns 75% of the structure's mineral and vespene gas cost. The process may not be aborted once started. A bunker cannot be salvaged while units are still in it.

Hotkey V
Cost 5Time SC2 Game1

This upgrade increases the armor of the missile turret and bunker.[7]

The upgraded bunker can hold six units rather than four.[8][9] The upgraded bunker appears bigger and taller.[10]

The upgrade was available in the multiplayer game as of May 2009.[3]

Purchased from Engineering bay[3]
Cost 100[11] Minerals Terran SC1 100[11] Gas Terran SC1 110[11]Time SC2 Game1


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