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"Who are these insurgents?"
"Call themselves Moebius Corps, an elite guard that used to work for Dr. Narud. They've been striking worlds throughout the sector, leaving few survivors. Each world attacked reported hybrid leading them."

Moebius Corps was a military unit that answered to the Moebius Foundation.[1] After the death of Emil Narud and the rise of Amon, the Moebius Corps became an army of mindless thralls for Amon and his hybrid, and set out on a crusade to destroy all life in the sector.


Security ForceEdit

Moebius Corps began as a military organization in service of the Moebius Foundation. They served as security for Moebius Foundation bases and ran artifact retrieval missions on hostile planets. This often put them at odds with criminal organizations such as the Players' Club. Non-lethal measures were employed when local populations weren't using deadly force. Artifact retrieval ops usually fell in the realm of a "need to know" basis.

Some Moebius Corps squadrons were former Terran Dominion military forces that were reassigned to the Moebius Foundation due to backdoor deals between the two organizations.[1]

Rise of the HybridEdit

"These terrans' minds have been consumed. They are slaves to the hybrid."

- Zeratul on Moebius Corps.(src)

As the hybrid began to awaken and heed Amon's call, they began to enslave the minds of the terrans who had created them. One such group was Brute Squad, who was assigned security detail for a xenobiology facility named Sector Six at Revanscar that was breeding the hybrid. All aboard the facility were either killed or were enslaved by the hybrid.[1]

ZergTerran SC2-LotV Game1

The zerg tear into the Moebius Corps

Zeratul first encountered Moebius Corps on a former Moebius Foundation space platform where they were experimenting on protoss templar. These protoss had been brought to them by the Tal'darim, and were being used to create hybrid. Zeratul attempted to rescue the Protoss from this platform while Kerrigan and her Swarm destroyed the platform's power generator. Zeratul commented that the terran's minds were completely broken, and they were nothing more but mindless servants of the hybrid. The protoss were saved and the facility was destroyed.[2]

Crusade Against the UniverseEdit

"By blood and fire, we shall be reborn!"
"These people are maniacs..."

- Sarah Kerrigan's encounter on the crazed mindless thralls(src)

MarineMarauderReaperSpectre SC2-LotV Game1

Moebius Corps forces attack Sky Shield

When Amon started the End War, Moebius Corps began attacking Dominion worlds indiscriminately and left few survivors in their wake. A large force began to lay siege to Korhal, where Jim Raynor coordinated a defense. They disabled the atmospheric stabilizers on the space platform Sky Shield and tried to send it plummeting into Augustgrad, but the intervention of Artanis and the Daelaam allowed Raynor to send repair crews to stabilize the platform.[3]

Marine Hybrid SC2-LotV Cncpt

Moebius Corps at Bennet Port

They then moved to secure the Keystone, a powerful xel'naga artifact, at Bennet Port. Raynor and Valerian Mengsk engaged Moebius Corps with Artanis to retrieve it. The hybrid channeled Void energy into the keystone, periodically stunning all terran forces but leaving the protoss and hybrid unscathed. The combined Dominion and protoss forces broke through their lines and retrieved the artifact, but at a great cost. By the time Moebius Corps was defeated, they had managed to cause more damage to Korhal than even the zerg had been able to do a year earlier.[4]

Spectre SC2-LotV Game1

Moebius spectres secure one of the celestial locks

Moebius Corps followed Amon's command to go to Ulnar with the Tal'darim, and followed their master's orders to prevent the Daelaam from opening the temple.[5] Artanis broke through their ranks and moved into the temple, but Moebius Corps and the Tal'darim gave chase. Artanis and Kerrigan fought through Moebius forces to get to the center of the temple, only to find the xel'naga dead and that Amon had trapped them, as he opened a portal to the Void.[6]

MoebiusAttack TheKeep Comic1

Moebius Corps attacks a Terran Dominion town

Moebius Corps tried to finish off Artanis and Kerrigan while the pair were caught between them and Amon, but the betrayal of First Ascendant Alarak allowed the Daelaam to save them and destroy the void crystals powering Amon's portal.[7]

AlliedCommanders SC2-LotV Art1

This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

ProtossTerran SC2-LotV Game1

The archangel engages allied forces

Moebius Corps dispatched an archangel mech to Char to aid Amon's other forces in an attack on Bama Kowalski's fortress on the planet. Elated to see one, Kowalski asked the allied forces defending her to destroy the Archangel, as she could rebuild it for her own usage.[8]

Moebius continued their experimental research throughout the war. One of their facilities was raided by General Carolina Davis and two allied commanders, who stole their prototype Balius Archangel. The allied forces the raised the facility, killing the three Moebius hybrids within. As the facility was being destroyed, Moebius attempted to evacuate their research via a train network.[9]


"Perhaps we acted too rashly with Moebius Corps. There may have been a different way."
"Oh Templar... Is there ever a moment where your people do not doubt themselves? No Artanis, extermination was the only course. The hybrid leave nothing to save."

- Artanis and Alarak(src)

Moebius Corps continued creating hybrid for Amon's forces as his armies laid waste to the sector. Matriarch Vorazun sent her dark templar to track Moebius Corps primary hybrid production facility. They discovered it hidden in an asteroid field named Revanscar. Though the Spear of Adun could not move through the asteroid field, Karax suggested moving carriers in to destroy the facility's power generators.

BattlecruiserSpear of Adun SC2-LotV Cine1

Moebius battlecruisers engage the Spear of Adun

As the Spear of Adun moved into the system, they were trapped by Moebius Corps' battlecruisers and boarded. Karax was tasked with destroying the facility's power cores while the rest of the Daelaam defended the Spear of Adun. Karax was successful, and the Revanscar facility was destroyed, putting an end to Moebius Corps and their hybrid program.[10] In the aftermath, Artanis lamented that they could not find a way to save them, while Alarak claimed that the hybrid leave nothing left to save.[11]

Known UnitsEdit

Known MembersEdit

Trooper TheKeep Comic1

Moebius Corps troopers


The Moebius Corps was originally referred to as the "Shadow Corps" during development.[12]


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