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"It's some kind of energy sword prototype...Looks useful."
"You should let me examine it."
"Of course. After some field testing..."

- Nova and Reigel upon the former's discovery of the blade(src)

Nova SC2-NCO Cine4

Nova wielding a monomolecular blade

The monomolecular blade is a prototype terran energy sword. It utilizes its wielder's psionic energy to hone an edge that has been sharpened to a microscopic degree, allegedly only one molecule thick at the edge, allowing it to cut through both physical armor and energy shields. A monomolecular blade was discovered in a Defenders of Man facility on Tarsonis by Agent Nova Terra. Nova then used the device to aid her in maneuvering through the facility undetected.[1]

Game EffectEdit

The monomolecular blade is a choice for Nova's weapon slot in Nova Covert Ops after completing "Enemy Intelligence".[1]

MonomolecularBlade SC2-NCO Icon1
Monomolecular Blade

Melee weapon. Ignores enemy armor and shields. Can use Dash Attack to dash forward a short distance and deal 50 damage to enemy units in Nova's path. Can attack ground units.

Innate Ability: Dash Attack:

Dashes forward and deals 50 damage to enemy ground units in a straight line. Does not damage friendly units.

Hotkey Q
Cost 50 Energy Terran SC1
Campaign Acquisition
Acquired from Acquired during "Enemy Intelligence."
Monomolecular blade
  • Anti-ground


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