Morwood was a Confederate Army supply sergeant who worked at a supply depot in Grange Village. His salary was insufficient to sustain his wife's hab addiction. In return for hab, Morwood was forced to supply Confederate weapons and equipment to Fagin, a Tarsonis City crime lord.

Fagin used Morwood to acquire a psi-screen which allowed the crime lord to control a telepath. The sergeant claimed it would be easier to acquire a nuke but managed to acquire the device. Morwood included a warning in the delivery package advising Fagin not to use the psi-screen for more than six hours at a time. Fagin ignored the warning and simply wore the device continuously.

After six months Markus Ralian, Fagin's underboss, had noticed his superior's increasingly erratic behaviour and was concerned. Ralian contacted Morwood and the sergeant told the underboss of the side-effects. The sergeant was shocked to hear Fagin had ignored the warning as well as the fact that the latter had worn the device for six months.


It is likely that he is named after the Duane/Morwood estate in Grangecon, Ireland, where DeCandido wrote some of the novel.


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