The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II which is no longer valid.

Mothership SC2 DevRend1

Early render of the mothership

The mothership has been switched back and forth from a one-of-a-kind unit to a normal unit, multiple times since its unveiling in May 2007.[1][2][3][4][5][6]

The mothership is hard to test, as it is high in the tech tree.[7]

The mothership is able to survive a direct hit from a nuclear missile.[8]

The mothership could be cloaked with the null shield in earlier builds.[9]

Visually, the mothership only underwent a single revision during development. After the initial creation and some minor proportion adjustments, it stayed unchanged for a few years. When it came round to the final art pass, it was mainly to make smoother surfaces and more distinct objects thanks to the improved polycounts.[10]

Previous AbilitiesEdit

Any abilities that do not make it into the final mothership will still be available in the game editor.[11][4]

Mothership SC2 DevGame1

Time Bomb

Mothership SC2 DevGame2

Mothership, after Time Bomb collapse

Time Bomb has been added and removed to the mothership frequently. It was last removed as of April 2009[12] and given to the high templar in the form of Time Rift.[13]

Recharge Energy

"Recharges the energy of a friendly unit."[14][15][16]

PlanetCracker SC2 DevGame1
Planet Cracker

"Scorch the ground beneath the Mothership for 15 seconds, causing damage to enemy ground units below."[17] Deals massive damage to an area directly below the mothership's position (ideal for destroying buildings and slow-moving targets such as siege tanks) over a period of time. It has no effect on air units.[2]

Hotkey C[17]
Cost 125[17] Energy Terran SC1
TimeBomb SC2 Icon1
Time Bomb[5][18]

Time Bomb slows down enemy unit movement and attacks in the area of effect.[19]

This ability had no effect on beam weapons such as those of the void ray or colossus.[20]

When the Time Bomb collapsed, failed ammunition fell to the ground.[2]

Hotkey T[14]
Cost 100[21][22] Energy Terran SC1
Duration 30 seconds[14]Time SC2 Game1
Cooldown 90[21]Time SC2 Game1

Beta DevelopmentEdit

TimeBomb SC2 Icon1
Temporal Rift[23]

Temporal Rift slows all movement speed, attack speeds and ability cast times by two thirds.[23]

Cost 50[23] Energy Terran SC1
Duration 30 seconds[23]Time SC2 Game1
MassRecall SC2 Icon2
Wormhole Transit

The mothership can instantly travel to a protoss building.[23] The ability only works on fully constructed buildings.[12][24]

Hotkey T [23]
Cost 25[23] Energy Terran SC1

Heart of the SwarmEdit

The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm which is no longer valid.

The mothership is an upgrade to the mothership core in multiplayer.[25]

It gains the Stasis ability, which freezes air units in place for 20 seconds. Vortex now affects only ground units.[26] In addition, Vortex will only target one non-massive unit, and will kill that unit.[27]

MSCMassRecall LotV Game1
Mass Recall

Teleports all units in an area 7[28] from a mothership core or mothership to a nexus. The ability is cast through a simple button click on a nexus.

Hotkey R
Cost 100 (HotS)/50 (LotV[29] Energy Terran SC1 2Time SC2 Game1

The mothership was removed altogether from multiplayer prior to BlizzCon 2011[30], but returned by June 2012.[25] The Cloaking Field ability was also removed[26] but was later reinstated.[31]

Legacy of the VoidEdit

The energy cost of mass recall for both motherships and mothership cores was decreased in Legacy of the Void. The developers noted that protoss struggled in base defense, so the cost was reduced, making it easier to defend multiple bases, and to play more aggressively in the early/mid stages of the game.[32]

In Patch 4.0, the mothership core was remove, so motherships were returned to being built from the nexus. As Mass Recall was moved to the Nexus, the mothership was given a separate ability named Strategic Recall, which functioned the same but did not share a cooldown with Mass Recall.

MassRecall SC2 Icon2
Mass Recall

Summons all units in target area (6.5) owned by the mothership's player to the mothership's location.

Hotkey R
Cost 100 (WoL/HotS)
50 (LotV)[33] Energy Terran SC1
Duration 2Time SC2 Game1


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