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The following article or section contains lore from the StarCraft RPG, which is not regarded as canon. Elements may be regarded as 'flavor lore' however.


A terran/zerg "mutate"

Mutates are infested terrans subjected to nanite treatments which restored or preserved their intelligence. However, their appearance and sanity left something to be desired - the nanites were all that kept them from reverting to their zerg instincts. These mutates are armed with sharp claws and have a spine-hurling organ in the chest.[1]


A terran force defeated a small zerg brood and captured it during the Brood War. Mixing zerg and terran genes, bioengineers forged a small number of mutates to use against the zerg. They ended up in the service of the Alliance.[1]

Similar experiments were conducted by remnants of the Confederacy.[2]

Known MutatesEdit


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