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Mutators are special conditions added to maps in Co-op Missions rotated on a weekly basis every Monday. They reward players with bonus experience depending on the difficulty. They were introduced in Patch 3.3

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Death from BelowEdit

No longer content to merely interfere with the Kel-Morian Combine's evacuation efforts, Amon has restructured the planet's crust itself. Lava bursts will not occur at random, and surface temperatures have risen so high that some corpses even combust! Tread very carefully.

This mutation is applied to "Miner Evacuation."

  • Scorched Earth: Enemy units set the terrain on fire upon death.
  • Lava Burst: Lava periodically burst from the ground at random locations and deals damage to player air and ground units.
  • The Widowmines and Spidermines have more health than their normal unit counterparts, so it takes a bit more firepower to get rid of them.
  • This is the first appearance of Lava Burst since literally week 6 [War is Hell].
    • Lava Bursts hit air units, like in Vermillion Problem.
  • Scorched Earth stacks depending on the supply count of units killed in a particular area, but it dissipates over time.
    • Scorched Earth does NOT damage air units.


Mutators are special conditions that bring additional challenge and diversity to existing Co-op Missions. Mutators can vary wildly, from having to fight a completely cloaked army, to dodging lava erupting from the ground. Mutators vary on a weekly basis. Each week, players have the chance to take on a Weekly Mutation where several Mutators are applied to a Co-op Mission. The mutation will be available for seven days with a break before the next one begins. Difficulty levels can still be selected, as can normal Co-op Missions, with the ability to toggle between the two modes.[1]


A player must have reached level 5 with their co-op commander before they can test the mutators.


If players complete the weekly mutation, they will be awarded a tiered XP "bounty" bonus based on the difficulty level selected. Completing a weekly mutation on a higher difficulty level will award the cumulative sum of all XP bonuses up to that level. For example, completing the weekly mutation on Hard will award the sum XP bonus of Casual + Normal + Hard.[2]

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